Theory and History Department


Studies at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, at least when it comes to undergraduate studies, are primarily focused on forming special artistic professions in the field of theater, film, radio, and television, which function within complex, and most frequently, creative processes done in team. However, since the very foundation of the Academy of Theater Art and Film College, it was believed, and this belief was later additionally developed, that this school, as a university institution, had a duty to provide its students, besides practical artistic education, with the widest esthetic, theoretical, and historical bases for analytical and synthetic approach to different theater and film disciplines, as well as extensive and general humanistic education.

Theoretical education enables students preparing for individual artistic profession to review the phenomenon of dramatic, theater, film or media work, as well as their own contribution in the process of creation, from a wider, interdisciplinary perspective which is also necessary considering the original syncretism of these arts. Therefore, in the system for providing education in dramatic arts, theoretical courses take special place, even though there is no sperate study group for theory within the undergraduate studies. On the other hand, M.A. and Ph.D. studies at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts have a theoretical profile: they involve studying scientific disciplines and sub-disciplines such as studies of theater and performing arts, film studies, media and culture studies. Most classes within these studies are held by teachers from our Department.

Just like the teaching staff at artistic departments mostly included the most reputable Yugoslav theater and film artists, the members of the Theory and History Department were well-known scientists in their respective fields, Ph.D. holders and scholars, leading art critics. The following names stand out: Miloš Đurić, Ph.D., Dušan Matić, Dušan Stojanović, Ph.D., Stanislav Bajić, Vladimir Petrić, Ph.D., Mirjana Miočinović, Ph.D., Vladimir Pogačić, Petar Marjanović, Ph.D., Petar Volk, Ph.D., Dragan Klaić, Ph.D., Sreten Petrović, Ph.D., Milan Ranković, Ph.D., Milan Damnjanović, Ph.D., Hugo Klajn, Ph.D., Predrag Ognjanović, Ph.D., Radoslav Đokić, Ph.D., Nikola Stojanović, Ph.D., Aleksandra Jovićević, Ph.D., Ljiljana Bogoeva Sedlar, Ph.D., Tijana Mandić, Ph.D.

Current members of the Theory and History Department successfully promote the scientific approach to dramatic arts and are therefore actively involved in the system of scientific projects supported by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia. Members of the Department are the core of scientific and research work at the Faculty and within the Institute for Theater, Film, Radio and Television: through publishing activities of the FDA, participation in scientific projects and by organizing scientific meetings, where some of the leading international experts for theater and film science participate. They also significantly contribute to the scientific meetings and professional periodical journals in the country and abroad with their papers and work. Many of them were invited visitors to some of the leading international universities.

Members of the Theory and History Department, with the help of some colleagues from other departments, manage to challenge the deep-rooted prejudice that artistic creation and science research do not go together, and to confirm the fact that the most significant artistic practice is preceded by and resulting in rich theoretical thinking.


Members of the FDA Theory and History Department are:

Nevena Daković, Ph.D., Full Professor
Nebojša Romčević, Ph.D., Full Professor
Divna Vuksanović, Ph.D., Full Professor
Ivan Medenica, Ph.D., Full Professor
Enisa Uspenski, Ph.D., Full Professor
Aleksandar Janković, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Irena Ristić, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Ksenija Radulović, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Aleksandra Milovanović, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Vlatko Ilić, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Ognjen Obradović, Teaching Assistant