Editing Department

Editing is an unavoidable and extremely creative stage in the creation of audiovisual works. During this creative process, a unique form is created by selecting and combining individual elements of image and sound, establishing dramaturgical and rhythmical course, fine shaping of acting interpretations and visual and sound motives, thus establishing a form, structure, logic and sense of an audiovisual act. 

Through the theory and practice at the undergraduate studies, the students of editing are trained to be storytellers and the first audience at the same time, sharp-eyed creators and critics, independent authors and members of creative teams who would support and reinforce the creative contributions of all associates during the editing process - the decisive stage in the formation of an audiovisual work, since the editing is the final version of the script. 
At the same time, from undergraduate to M.A. studies, the expansion of technical and technological knowledge and skills of editors while working on multimedia and interactive, alternative and experimental forms and similar complex forms belonging to the wider field of visual arts is a constant process. 

Our alumni are currently reputable editors in all areas of film and TV creation. Many of them are creative associates in all stages of creating diverse audiovisual works, from the script to the finalization of complex projects such as computer games, virtual reality, etc. 
This wide area of action has been enabled by constant efforts of teachers and associates of the Editing Department to modernize the educational process in accordance with the development of media but also to preserve the string which connects the modern skills to the roots of visual and storytelling knowledge necessary for complete overview and creative action in the widest spectrum of audiovisual sphere.