Theater and Radio Studio

The Theater and Radio Studio of the Faculty of Dramatic Arts was founded on 17 February 1977 after observing the need to establish the professional service whose main task is to organize entrance exams, midterm exams, annual and graduation exams, elective artistic projects of Acting and Theater and Radio Directing students, and to organize students’ guest plays in the country and abroad. The first studio’s manager was Konstantin Milić, holding a degree in organizing artistic activities.

Studio’s activities today also include participation in administering part of classes for the Dramaturgy, Sound Recording and Design, and Management and Production in Theatre, Radio, and Culture departments.

Since its foundation, the Studio has organized numerous meetings, guest performances, parades and symposiums in the field of theater and radiophonic creativity, and achieved significant results in cooperation with other media. In addition to the activities related to the realization of the curriculum and production of the Mata Milošević Stage, the Studio is at the same time engaged in organizing celebrations, book promotions, and anniversaries of the Faculty and University of Arts.

The Studio production is executed in the Faculty premises: Mata Milošević Stage, Acting classrooms, Theater Directing classrooms, Radio Studio, and other alternative stage areas, in the coproduction with other Belgrade Theaters, conducted in a traditionally defined framework.

Since Mata Milošević Stage opened on 21 February 2000, current Studio Director, Veljo Gerasimović, and other employees in the Studio are involved in production activities of the youngest stage in Belgrade and the only stage in Novi Beograd.

Independent Expert Associate - Manager of the Theater and Radio Studio
mr Veljo Gerasimović
Phone: +38111 214-5846

Independent Expert Associate for Administrative Affairs
mr Dragana Đorđević
Phone: +38111 213-5684, extension 101

Expert Associate for Practical Classes, Exams and Projects Equipment
Dušan Popović

Expert Associate for Lighting Affairs
Gordana Pantelić

Expert Associate for Theatrical Costumes
Ana Milojković

Senior Expert Associate in Scene and Studio Sound Production
Bratislav Vasilić