Film and Television Directing

Study program - Module

M.A. Dramatic and Audiovisual Arts - Film and Television Directing

Scientific, technical or artistic field

Dramatic and audiovisual arts

Duration of the study program

1 year (2 semesters)

Volume of studies expressed in ECTS credits


Planned number of students to enroll in this study program

Up to 10 students

Admission requirements

To be eligible to apply to Master Academic Studies in the Dramatic and Audiovisual Arts study program, the Film and Television Directing module, an applicant must: complete undergraduate academic studies with a volume of at least 240 ECTS credits or have completed graduate studies under the regulations applicable prior to the entry into force of the Law on Higher Education. Admission requirements for Master Academic Studies are determined by the Law on Higher Education, the Statutes of the University of Arts and the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, as well as the Rulebook on Admission of Applicants to the Second and Third Level of Academic Studies at the University of Arts.

A qualifying exam which includes an interview by the committee, examination and analysis of the completed, and more importantly, registered practical exercises and projects.


Passed entrance examination

Title specified in Degree Certificate (Degree Certificate Supplement)

Master of Arts in Dramatic and Audiovisual Arts (in the field of Film and Television Directing)

Access to further studies

Specialist Academic Studies (second level of university education)
Doctoral Academic Studies (third level of university education)