General Affairs Service

The General Affairs Service includes the following services: Legal Service, Student Affairs Service and Service for Academic Affairs and Magister Studies.

The Legal Department deals with various administrative activities related to personnel affairs. It prepares legal documents, conducts the procedure for election of teachers and associates, drafts various types of contracts, organizes meetings of the FDA Arts and Education Council, FDA Council and Scientific Council, communicates with relevant institutions, keeps the register of employees and issues a wide range of certificates and employment certificates.

Faculty Secretary
Vesna Janjetović, Bachelor of Laws
Phone: +38111-311-1071
Office no. 74

Chief of Staff to the Dean
Aleksandra Avramović
Phone: +38111-214-0419
Office no. 73

Computer programmer - engineer
Nenad Spasić
Office no. 31

Student Affairs Service deals with: enrollment of students and semester certification, update of exam applications, issuance of various students’ certificates, maintenance of students’ register and entrance exam logs.

Independent Expert Associate for Undergraduate Studies and General Affairs
Kristina Obradović
Office no. 70

Independent Expert Associate for Studies and Students’ Issues
Vesna Aleksandrić
Phone: +38111-2604-525; +38111-2135-684, extension 124
Office no. 70

The Service for Academic Affairs and Magister Studies organizes classes for all the studies organized by the Faculty (undergraduate, graduate, specialist, Ph.D.) and develops an annual timetable and curriculum for the Faculty, performs the activities related to the enrolment and semester certification, and administrative and technical processing of materials for the Faculty’s needs.

Independent Expert Associate for Academic Affairs and Ph.D. Studies
Olivera Trajković

Senior Expert Associate for Studies and Students’ Issues
Svetlana Đukić

Milica Vučković
Phone: +38111-2604-525; +38111-2135-684, extension 117
Office no. 69

Senior Expert Associate for General Affairs
Branka Mažibrada

Senior Expert Associate for Other Activities
Tijana Obradović