Dramaturgy Department

Founded in 1960, the Dramaturgy Department has been educating dramatists for almost 60 years and they create, adapt, and interpret plays. Modeled after the Yale School of Drama, the Department introduces the students (during undergraduate, Master and Ph.D. studies) to the techniques of writing, genres and particularities of dramaturgy in theatre, film, radio and television, video games, and copywriting.

Within the main courses, Film and Television Dramaturgy and Theater and Radio Dramaturgy, students are taught how to create original dramatic works, in accordance with centuries long heritage of theatre and film dramaturgy. Students come to classes with ideas which are then exposed to criticism and detailed group discussion where the bad ideas are rejected and the good ones sharpened in order to create a dramatic work which does not perish with the exam but is ready for further production.

The teaching staff includes professors, assistant professors, and associates who regularly sell out theaters, write screenplays, and make films which are Oscar nominees for several countries, create record-breaking shows and video games with international success. Students and graduates work on the films, television and theatre, they write books, shape advertising in Serbia and participate in the social and cultural life of our society in different ways.

You may also become one of them.

Since its foundation, the teachers at the Dramaturgy Department were:

Josip Kulundžić, Ratko Đurović, Ljubiša Đokić, Jovan Hristić, Vladimir Stamenkovski, Vesna Jezerkić, Petrit Imami, Filip David, Dubravka Knežević, Nebojša Pajkić, Živojin Pavlović, Vlastimir Radovanović, Dušan Kovačević, Gordan Mihić, Miloš Radivojević, Slobodan Stojanović, Predrag Perišić, Slobodan Selenić.

Today, the teachers are: Stevan Koprivica, Nenad Prokić, Maja Volk, Boško Milin, Srđan Koljević, Mirko Stojković, Biljana Srbljanović, Đorđe Milosavljević, Danica Pajović, Milena Marković, Vuk Bošković.