Visual effects, animation and game art Department

The four-year program has a scope of 240 ESPB. During their study, students will be trained in the fields of animation, visual effects video games and interactive media.

In the course ofthe first-year students attend all classes together, familiarizing themselves with all the three major fields of study (animation, visual effects, and game art). They will learn the basics of creating computer generated images both in 3D virtual environments and using 2D techniques. Besides that, they will learn the basics of drama and visual arts.

In the second year, based on their interests and affinities, students will be directed to choose one of the three modules. Module Visual effects, module Animation and module Game art. Within their chosen modules, students will have specialized classes related to their fields while still attending common mandatory subjects from the fields of drama and applied arts.

The third year is focused on teaching students advanced techniques within their chosen fields of study. During the fourth year, students realize a complex project with mentorship from the professors. Each student will be assigned a specific role in the project, based on their module and their personal strengths and interests. We will focus on teaching students to work in teams, to collaborate, organize projects, develop the skills necessary for pitching and product placement, and the ethical principles of being a professional in the industry.

A large number of elective courses within all three modules will make sure that every student can further develop their specific creative and technical skills, after gaining a thorough knowledge of the foundations of their field of study. This will help students become more valuable to potential employers in the job market.

3Lateral is our strategic partner, while other companies also supported us (Ubisoft, Nordeus, Mad Head Games, Take One, Digital Kraft…) One of the world leading companies in the field of interactive arts and 3D technologies(Unreal Engine), Epic Games, has recognized the quality and development potential of the Faculty of Dramatic arts, and decided to grant us their prestigious EPIC MegaGrants funds which greatly helped in the development of the study program for Animation, visual effects, game art and interactive computer generated imagery.