The foundation of the Library of the Faculty of Dramatic Arts is related to the foundation of the Academy of Theater Arts in 1948.

According to Library’s Book of Inventory, the first bought book was ‘Djela’ by Marin Držić on 29 September 1949.

In 1974, the Faculty was relocated from Knez Mihajlova Street to a dedicated new building in Novi Beograd.

Today, the Library occupies 196 square meters. In a single room, the books occupy 72 square meters while the reading room, with 30 seats, occupies 124 square meters.

The Library equipment includes book shelves (552m), serial publications shelves (72m), closets for catalogs, reading desks and desks.

It has 8 computers with constant Internet connection.

Although in the very beginning, Library’s collection was mostly enriched through purchase of books, its essence and soul are made from donations by professors, cultural and public employees, theaters, libraries, faculties, national and international cultural centers.

To cater the teaching needs, the Library had subscriptions to up to 15 national and international journals in the first twenty years. In time, the number decreased and today it is reduced to the gifts by the Theater Arts Museum of Serbia, Sterija Theater, and the Centre for Studies in Cultural Development.

The Library is growing, following the development of the Academy and establishment of new departments.

This requires prompt and competent enrichment of the collection. Besides plays, the literature on history and theory of theater and drama, history and theory of film, diction and voice techniques, music, ballet, dance and stage movement, history and theory of arts, history and theory of science and culture, film and television organization and economics, philosophy, esthetics and sociology, theory and practice of media and mass communication, culturology, and above all the literature related to the practical and creative work in all areas of dramatic arts, is also a subject of purchase.

Library’s collection requires classification and information processing, achieved by creation of two key catalogs - the alphabetical one and the one where monographies are classified by the subject matter, and the same catalogs for periodical issues. Besides the existing ones, new catalogs were established over time:  the catalog of plays, scripts, annual papers by the students of Dramaturgy and graduation papers of the students of Dramaturgy, Camera, Editing, Film and Television Production, Theater and Radio Production and Sound, Catalogs of Magister and Ph.D. papers, Specialist and Master papers.

Starting from 1995, the Library began with computer data processing.

Currently, the Library has over 40,000 books, approximately 4,000 of which are student papers.

The important part of the Library collection and its activities is related to preserving and processing of the Academy teachers’ legacy - Hugo Klajn (329 books), Vladeta Lukić (222 books), Milo Đukanović (97), Mira Trailović (177 books), Mato Milošević (876 books), Dušan Mihailović (2124 books) and Ognjenka Milićević (614 books).

Besides the legacy, donations by professor Mirjana Miočinović, Borjana Prodanović, Ljubiša Đokić, Sava Mrmak, Vjekoslav Afrić, Jovan Hristić, Dejan Kosanović, Vladimir Jevtović, and others, played an important role in the creation of the collection.

The Library especially takes pride in unprinted (unpublished) dramas, manuscripts, which were gifts for the Academy from the following Belgrade theaters: the National Theater, Yugoslav Drama Theater and Atelier 212.  These materials are an object of interest of all those involved in theater activities.

Owing to employees’ efforts, the old, rare and illegible drama papers are retyped and are now available to students for exam preparation.

The Library did not only receive books but it has also donated them.

The giftees include the Faculty of Arts of University in Priština, the Academy of Arts in Banja Luka, the University Library in Kragujevac, the Philological High School in Belgrade, the Hilandar Monastery Library, the Faculty of Philosophy in Pale, elementary school Vlada Obradović Kameni in Belgrade, the Kosta Manojlović School of Music.

The Library cooperates with the master Svetozar Marković University Library in Belgrade, the National Library of Serbia, libraries of faculties and theaters, the Museum of Theater Art of Serbia, the Serbian Film Institute, foreign cultural centers and other significant institutions in the field of culture and arts.

The Library also hosts promotions of books, written by the Faculty professors, and students’ exhibits. The Library has a 12-hour working day and it is open for the readers throughout this period.

 Since 2017, the FDA Library has become part of the national Virtual Library (COBISS SR).

Thanks to resources received by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Serbia, on the basis of the competition for financing and co-financing in the field of library IT activities in 2017 (project COBISS in the FDA Library) and 2018 (the Improvement of IT and technical capacities of the FDA Library project for the 70th anniversary of the Faculty of Dramatic Arts), the FDA Library managed to acquire proper technical equipment for operation in COBISS SR system and for creation of digital repository of collections. This has helped create a prerequisite for improvement of the quality of studies and education, scientific and research work, and professional and artistic teaching and research work in the field of theater, film, radio, television and interactive media.


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