Department of Film and Television Production

The Film and Television Production Department was founded in 1961 as the Department for Organization. In time, it developed and improved. It started with educating organizers of cultural activities, moved to educating film and television organizers, and now it provides education for the Film and Television Producer profession.



In a traditional sense, a film and television producer is a person who provides the story, develops the script, hires the director, casts lead actors and gathers the key members of the creative team necessary to create the film or television work. The producer also provides financial resources and is responsible for technical aspects of project implementation. He is always the one to make the main creative as well as technical and financial decisions from the beginning of the project until the end of it and is, therefore, usually the one responsible for the success or failure of the film.

Work on the film or series lasts for years and without careful managing of such a delicate project, where the producer chooses the right path between creative and financial elements, no film or TV show would live to be seen by audience.



The producer is, above all, a storyteller, then the visionary who, with his vision, keeps the project and the team together. He is, above all, the creator, the manager, a diplomate, an organizer. A producer is a leader, the one capable to get the best out of all involved in the film or television, creating the environment full of trust and positive energy. He is one with the project from the very idea to the last moment of distribution, and frequently even after this point. Without producer’s devotion and love for the project being developed, there wouldn’t be so many unforgettable and successful movie stories and TV shows.

The Film and Television Production Department is a backbone and trigger of producing knowledge in the region since it participated with its experience in foundation and work of production departments in Cetinje, Skopje, Banja Luka and Novi Sad. The teaching process has been continuously improved and modernized in line with the international trends in the field of production of cinematography and television works. This has also enabled our students to extend their work in other activities such as advertising, marketing, and employment with culture institutions.



One of our basic aims in the last twenty years is intensive and practical work of students on different projects in cinematography, television and culture as a whole. Even though Department’s primary goal is artistic training of students, the theoretical research at all levels of studies is not neglected, despite maximum focus on collective and individual work on artistic projects.

In 2006, the Department established its annual manifestation - the holiday of our profession - Producers’ Day, a festival of students’ achievements and the gathering of professionals originating from the Department. For 58 years, the alumni of the Film and Television Production Department have been dominant in shaping the national but also international cultural, media, and film scene.

The Department brought out three deans of our faculty and the award winners of a number of national and international awards, including the Oscar.