Anthology Of Essays By The Faculty Of Dramatic Arts

The deadline for paper submission is 1 March and 1 September. You may submit your paper to


Instructions for the authors

1. Journal Title: Anthology Of Essays By The Faculty Of Dramatic Arts

2. Anthology Of Essays By The Faculty Of Dramatic Arts is a periodic publication published twice a year. The papers for the first annual issue are accepted by 1 March, while for the second annual issue by 1 September of the current year. By submitting a paper to be published in the FDA Collected Papers, the authors give approval for both printed and digital, i.e. e-form.

3. Anthology Of Essays By The Faculty Of Dramatic Arts includes papers dealing with topics in the field of dramatic arts, media, and culture. The scientific papers published fall under the following categories: original scientific papers, review articles, preliminary communication, and scientific critique or discussion, but also the papers dealing with artistic practice, experiments, and artistic education.

4. As a rule, the papers are published in Serbian language; however, papers in other languages are welcome as well. The papers in Serbian language are printed in Latin or Cyrillic script, depending on the author’s preference.

5. All papers are reviewed by two anonymous reviewers, under equal criteria and conditions.

6. Length and font: The paper should be written in Microsoft Word; font: Times New Roman (12p); spacing 1.5, length up to 30,000 characters (no space). Font size in the footnotes - 10p.

7. Paper title, subtitles and information on the author: The paper title should not contain more than 10 words, it should be centered, in bold type, and the font size should be16p. The title should be followed by author’s name and affiliation, without indicating the title held by the author, and the first footnote with the author’s e-mail address should be included. Subtitles should be manually numbered, with 14p font size, aligned to the left and underlined.

8. The paper must include the abstract of the paper written in the same language as the paper (up to 500 characters), key words also in the language of the paper (up to 5 words), summary in English language (1,500-2,000 characters) and key words in English language. For the papers written in a foreign language, the summary should be in Serbian language. The abstract and summary should not contain references.

9. References and quotes. When quoting, author’s surname, year of publishing, a colon and page number should be stated within the parentheses, for example (Marjanović 1995: 156). Quotation marks are used to mark the beginning and the end of the quote. Foreign names are transcribed in the text, while the original name is put in the parentheses when mentioned for the first time. Shorter quotes should be integrated in the text and separated by quotation marks. Omitted parts of the quoted text should be marked with brackets [...]. Longer quotes should be stated as separate paragraphs with left and right indent. Quotes exceeding 400 characters are not recommended.

10. The list of references and sources is made in an alphabetical order by author’s surname, depending on the alphabet type used by the author. Texts written by the same author are listed by the year of publishing or by the co-author’s surname, if available. If more than one text by the same author published in the same year is referenced, every paper is assigned a letter (in an alphabetical order), for example 1998a, 1998b, etc.
The reference list should contain the following information: author’s surname, author’s name, year of publishing, paper title, place of publishing, and the publisher. Paper titles are written in italics. In case of translation or re-issue, it is desirable that the data on the original issue in the stated volume and order be mentioned in parentheses.
If a text from a journal is quoted, the exact title of the journal, issue number together with the first and the last page of the article should be stated together with the author’s full name and year of publishing. Journal titles should be written in italics. The same applies for texts taken from daily newspapers or magazines, but in case of daily newspapers, the date of publishing should be specified.
When it comes to texts taken from collections of papers or for the book chapters, detailed information on the collection of papers (together with compiler’s surname and name in the parentheses) and the first and the last page of the text or the chapter should be written . Titles of collections of paper are written in italics.
Content taken from the Internet should include detailed information on the author, article title, in the case of e-journal, journal title, complete link and date of access.
In case of a website of an organization/institution, the name of the institution must be written, accompanied by the website address and information as to when the access took place. The date and time of access are mandatory.

11. Papers should be sent by e-mail to the e-mail address of the Institute for Theater, Film, Radio and Television of the Faculty of Dramatic Arts of University of Arts in Belgrade: or with subject “For the FDA Anthology Of Essays”.