Visual effects, animation and game art

The name of the study program - module

Visual effects, animation, and game art –





Visual effects


Game art

Scientific, professional, or artistic field

Dramatic and audio-visual arts

Length of the study program

4 years (8 semesters)

The scope of the study expressed in ESPB points


The planned number of students who will enroll in this study program

Up to 20 students

Enrollment requirements

A diploma of a completed secondary education lasting four years, and for a person who has not completed secondary education, a passed supplementary exam according to the program of education for secondary schools in sociolinguistics. (FDU Statute); Passed the affinity and aptitude tests for the study of visual effects, animation, and game art.

Degree title (degree supplement)

Graduated drama and audiovisual artist (from the field of animation; visual effects or game art)

Possibility for further study

Master of academic studies (II degree of study)