Conference "Transmedia storytelling and digital mapping: history, memory, identity"

Transmedia storytelling and digital mapping: history, memory, identity

November 2nd–5th, 2020

Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Belgrade


The conference Transmedia storytelling and digital mapping: history, memory, identity will be a forum of debating plethora of topics in contemporary digital ambient. However, given the South East-Central European context – of turbulent past, transitional present and ongoing pandemic – and the strong research focus on the cities understood as cityscape, memoryscape and noeud of trauma. The papers offer multiperspective, transdisciplinary and methodological reflections addressing different layers of identity, memory and city interactions in the transmedia and digital surrounding. The leading includes the way transmedia storytelling and digital mapping are adapted and integrated in the interdisciplinary research of the narratives and texts of identity, memory and history; how the digital maps reveal the mechanisms of the “spatialisation of the metaphorical or concrete narratives” as well as of the “narrativization of the space” in the realm of digital humanities;  the ways in which memory-history-identity narratives are digitally or transmedia rewritten into the virtual realms; theory and practice of the digital mapping and media writing of the urban life; mapping the identity in the digital realm etc.


Professor Maoz Azaryahu will give the keynote lecture Commemorative Street (Re)Naming: Politics and Memory in Modern Cities (November 3rd 12 PM). Maoz Azaryahu professor of cultural geography and the director of the Herzl Institute for the Study of Zionism at the University of Haifa, Israel. His research includes urban and landscape semiotics, the cultural and historical geographies of public memory and commemoration, the spatialities of memory and narrative, and the cultural history of places and landscapes, the political history of war memorials and the cultural politics of commemorative street (re)naming in different historical periods and geopolitical settings. He has authored and co-edited ten books and dozens of articles in English, Hebrew and German.


Topics that will be discussed during the panels includes: Transmedia storytelling: literature, music and dramatic arts; Digital cartography and memory; Transmedia mapping: from classic to digital; Digital (re)reading, through presentations of panelists, professors and researchers: Aleksandar Valjarević, Nevena Daković, Milena Dragićević Šešić, Dunja Dušanić, Ana Martinoli, Aleksandra Milovanović, Matej Nikšić, Paulina Polko, Milovan Pisarri, Ljiljana Rogač Mijatović, Ana Stefanović, Tijana Tropin.


During the conference, two round tables will be held – Vademecum: Minor Terms for Writing Urban Places and Making places through security and trauma – with the participation of international researchers, as part of COST actions 18204 and 18126.



You can follow all the presentations live on the Facebook page of FDA.

You can find the final conference program HERE.


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