Creativity and Innovations: Conference on the Ocassion of the 60 years of the Department of Management and Production

National scientific conference with international participation


Creativity and Innovations in Theatre, Media and Cultural Production: Visions and Values for the Future


November 17th - 19th 2021

Faculty of Dramatic Arts

University of Arts in Belgrade, Serbia


Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade is organizing the national scientific conference with international participation under the title “Creativity and Innovations in Theatre, Media and Cultural Production: Visions and Values for the Future”. The conference will be held from 17th to 19th of November 2021.


The initiator and the organizer of the conference is the department for Management and Production in Theatre, Radio and Culture on the occasion of 60 years since it has been founded.


After a whole year of the global crises caused by the pandemic of the corona virus, it has become clear that it will have long-standing implications to all areas of life, including the field of artistic, creative, cultural and media production and management. In relation to that, challenges closely tied with the need of transforming the existing, and establishing new models and practices in the field of arts, culture and media have shown up. They have once again emphasized the need to constantly develop new forms of working and producing, which rely on creativity and innovations.


In this context, the proposed conference is aiming to map and present current state of affairs and the main challenges culture, media and theatre are facing today. This scientific conference is organized with the goal of gathering the leading experts, researchers and academics, in order to exchange experience as well as research results on the topics of contemporary production and management in theatre, media and culture. The conference will consist of the series of presentations and panel sessions, building an interdisciplinary platform for discussing innovations, trends and problems, as well as practical challenges and solutions in cultural management and policy, theatre and media production.


Through the prism of creativity and innovations, this event will also contribute to proposing feasible solutions and discussing and advancing new ideas and suggestions for management, entrepreneurship, business models, cultural development and education and related policies and practices.


The deadline for submitting proposals is June 30th 2021. All authors will be informed by the Conference Committee on their proposals no later than August 15th.


Abstracts selected through the open call will be published in an electronic book of proceedings (with the official ISBN number) prior to the conference. After the conference, the edited book will be prepared with the papers which successfully go through the peer review process.


Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Conference Committee via email:


Conference topics include, but are not limited to:


Cultural management and policy:


  • New organizational models in the field of culture
  • Management in culture and creative industries
  • Artificial intelligence, virtual reality and creativity
  • Culture and sustainable development
  • Cultural heritage in the processes of digitalization
  • National cultural identity facing globalization challenges
  • Cultural diplomacy and international cooperation in a globalized society
  • Diversity, equality, accessibility and inclusion in cultural production – tasks and limitations of cultural policies
  • Knowledge production and human resources: roles and the impact of academic institutions and educational programs.


Theatre and theatre production:


  • Theatre in the times of crises: experiences and perspectives
  • Theatre institutions as a working environment – new approaches
  • Theatre as an agent of change: the challenges of the “green” theatre
  • New theatre models in the digital environment: creativity and innovations
  • Implications of the participatory and immersive theatre for the community
  • Theatre and new technologies: a turn or a challenge
  • Perspectives and the position of theatre for children and youth.


Media, media production and management:


  • Education in the digital age: new learning models for media, culture and the arts
  • Artificial intelligence and the freedom of media expression
  • Legislation models for the online sphere
  • Public broadcasting service facing the challenges of the 21st century: program, production, technologies and the audience
  • Media production in Serbia and the region: from the local successes to the global partnerships
  • New media forms for the new audiences – from podcasts and streaming services to the video games and social networks
  • Media production in the society of risks – current state of affairs and perspectives.


How to apply:


Please fill the online form for the paper presentations and panel sessions available at this link.


One authors is invited to propose maximum two papers or panel sessions. Should you wish to propose more than one paper / panel session, please fill the application form separately for each proposal. A panel session should gather between three and five participants.


The form will require from you to send us: name and surname, affiliation, title and keywords of the paper / panel (no more than five, not already used in the title), abstract (250 - 300 words), short biography (100 - 150 words), and contact information.


Registration fee is 30 EUR and is to be paid upon the confirmation of participation, until October 15th.