Submissions for Watersprite 2022 are now open! For the time being, you can only submit your film through this exclusive, private link. In one week, we will be opening submissions publicly - so get your films in quick!


2022 marks the thirteenth year of Watersprite: the Cambridge International Student Film Festival. We strive to nurture, develop and reward the best creative talent in the world, receiving submissions from all around the globe. The festival, held in Cambridge in March 2022, hosts a variety of free networking events, film screenings and talks for student filmmakers. Submit your film and be part of the most ambitious student film festival in the world! Please ensure you have read through our Rules and Guidelines before submission (available on FilmFreeway).

This year we are introducing two new prizes: the Costume Design Award and the Experimental Film Award. The Costume Design Award rewards the best costumes designed by students. The Experimental Film Award rewards films that seek to challenge cinematic conventions through an innovative use of sound, imagery, storytelling and other filmic elements.

We can't wait to receive your film!

If you are not interested in submitting a film but you would still like to be involved in Watersprite, feel free to sign up to be a judge here! Judges will be assigned between 10-20 films and will be responsible for their marking. Please note that you are not allowed to be a judge if you submit a film to this year's festival.



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