Call for Papers for Edited Volume "Female Leadership in Music"

Call for Papers for Edited Volume "Female Leadership in Music"

Edited by: Iva Nenić, PhD; Linda Cimardi, PhD

Deadline for Abstracts: December 20th 2021


Editorial board of the project “Female leadership in music”, implemented by the Faculty of the Music and Faculty of Dramatic Arts with the support of the Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia through the program for supporting exceptional projects of the young researchers PROMIS under the number 6066876, invites interested colleagues to apply to contribute to the edited volume by submitting a paper related to the proposed thematic framework.

This edited volume aims to explore the contemporary role of female musicianship in traditional folk, world music and independent popular music scenes, by focusing on historical and present-day female participation in music making, performing, teaching and presenting and maintaining. Since female agency, viewpoints and legacies in traditional and popular music haven’t so far been thoroughly explored in a broad cross-disciplinary perspective focused on leadership, our main objective is to chart both highly visible and underrepresented key figures in different music scenes and networks, as well as to discuss different models of female cultural and political leadership through music rising from ethnographic and historiographic research and media studies.

The edited volume seeks to identify and describe the possibilities, gendered constraints, stereotypes, strengths and acts of transgression that together weave a complex dynamic of female participation in traditional and popular music. The links between personal narratives and experiences and social institutions, the contemporary gender debate, the demands of the music market and state policies are also the topics to be further explored in that context.
Main topics include:

  • Agency and leadership of women in music scenes and networks, including international and transnational collaborations of women in music
  • Intergenerational aspects of female music practices and role models, including musical knowledge, practice and sustainability
  • Role and visibility of women in maintaining local, national and regional culture
  • Diversity, accessibility, inclusion and equality in music management, policy and networking
  • Media representation, visibility, promotion and communication strategies of women in the music industry
  • Style and approach of female leaders and decision makers in music
  • Female music labor and working conditions for women in music, especially in the context of ongoing crises (rise of conservative movements, Covid19 pandemic).

Please express your interest in contributing to this publication by sending the abstract of your paper (cc. 250 words) as well as short biography (cc. 100 words) with the precise affiliation no later than December 20th 2021. Please propose only one paper, individually or with co-authors. You will get notified on the acceptance and receive formatting instructions no later than January 5th 2022. Participants will be asked to submit an early draft of their paper by February 20th and the final version (30.000 characters) no later than April 20th 2022. The edited volume is expected to be published in summer 2022.

Contact person for proposals, as well as questions and concerns:
Iva Nenić, PhD, Faculty of Music, University of Arts in Belgrade


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